Kryofluxing old PC disks (the Salon program lives)

So, my Kryoflux unit arrived, and I have set it up. No time for enclosures, I just used the box it shipped in as my enclosure.

Kryoflux enclosure

I ran a number of my old PC floppies through it, and for the most part had pretty good success. I recovered a number of old disks full of documents, like little journal entries of a kind of I’d written in high school. Should be interesting/embarassing to read at some point. And a working copy of WordStar, even. It was quite straightforward to install VirtualBox, FreeDOS, mount the images, and try it out.

Life 530 wordstar

It was less straightforward to actually get the files onto my computer. For that, I installed a Windows 2000 machine in VirtualBox, created a hard drive that I mounted in both the FreeDOS and Win2K machine, and then copied the files onto the shared hard drive in FreeDOS, and then out into a shared folder under Win2K. The reason for the circuitousness is that FreeDOS doesn’t support the additions required to use shared folders on the host machine.

There are also a few old programs I wrote, the most important of which is a program for scheduling appointments and charging clients in beauty salons. It’s actually quite complex, written in Clarion 2.1. I recovered the source files, and even the executable program still runs.

Salon calendar help

Salon appt setup

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