Beagle Bros, The Software Touch, JEM

Just so I have some kind of organized place to put things, these are things I have imaged or scanned that are somehow genealogically related to Beagle Bros. The Software Touch was started Mark Simonsen and Alan Bird during Mark’s time away from Beagle Bros (Mark returned to become president of Beagle Bros afterwards), JEM Software is Randy Brandt’s post-Beagle Bros endeavor.

There are other Beagle sites out there, these are just the things that I’ve scanned and imaged myself. See the Beagle Bros Software Repository or Steven Frank’s Beagle Bros Online Museum, for a start.

Almost all of this is Apple II-related. One thing, FileMover, is PC software, and if I ever scan it, BeagleWorks is Mac.

Key: EDD = working EDD image, PDF = manual/art scans


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