About all this

This is yesterbits.com.

It is intended to be the place where I document what I have, what I’ve scanned, what I’m working on, etc.

I started it sometime in 2012, when I started getting serious about archiving (and, really, playing around with) vintage computing software and hardware.

It is now 2017 as I type this, and I’m attempting to refashion the site a bit now that I have a better idea of what I want it to do and the scale of this operation. In 2012, I basically had an Apple IIGS. Five years later, I am under constant threat of being crushed under a toppled tower of vintage computers.

In real life, I’m Paul Hagstrom. Yesterbits is my vintage computing persona, I’m a regular contributor to the Retrocomputing Roundtable, and the Drop /// Inches podcast, and tweet as @yesterbits much more frequently than I post things here.

Perhaps I’ll add a bit more about my background somewhere here sometime here. But in brief: I started with an Apple II+ in grade school, and spent much of my life back then programming it, calling BBSes, etc., and etc. I played around with friends’ Commodore 64s, TRS-80s, Atari 2600s, Vectrexen, etc. at the time as well. I got paid to program IBM PCs (largely in Clarion) and Epson QX-10s (largely in dBASE II) through high school, moved to the Mac SE/30, and followed that path to the present (through Quadra 650, Power Mac 7100/80, Duo 2300c, iMac DV/SE, iBook SE, eMac, iMac G5, etc., etc.). So, I’m Apple-centric, and largely late-20th-century-centric, but have been exploring and archiving and hoar^H^H^H^Hcollecting with a pretty wide net.

That’s it for now. As you were.

Apple II plus in the wild, 1986