A tale of /// drives

So, I got an Apple ///, and as reported earlier, it started up to the “RETRY” prompt successfully, but when I put any disks in the drive, it made a godawful racket. There was clearly something not quite right about the internal drive. As it happens, though, I just recently […]


There is a new “oldest Apple ][+ I have ever seen” (or at least, seen a label for). Prior to this, it was A2S2-11547. The new smallest serial number (on an Apple ][+, A2S2-) that I’ve seen is A2S2-10087: Board date: second week of October 1979. And: It’s in my […]

We don’t talk about three.

Today I got another label: It was attached to this: Yep. One more thing. Let us never forget the glorious victories of the past: World War I, World War II, ][+, //e, and //c. —What about ///? —We don’t talk about ///. (at 3:22 in the full version of “1944”) […]

A Labor of Labels

After going through a pile of label images that I’ve been collecting in the recent past, it seems like I can start to make some generalizations. They might be right. [Warning: a lot of these pictures have just been lifted from eBay auctions, most of them aren’t mine.] [Warning 2: […]

Plenty of space left

No further progress on the Lisa front (it’s turning out to be pretty hard to create a 400k floppy, but also I’m suspecting that the Lisa’s disk drive itself needs a bit of troubleshooting too). So, here’s the current spatial arrangement in my office. I think I will rotate the […]

Diagnosis: 1E1

Since the keyboard I had was missing some keys and was acting very non-keyboard-like, I procured a replacement on eBay, which happened to come up at an opportune moment and not cost very much. It was untested, apparently the seller still had the keyboard but no longer had a computer […]

Mysterious square #3 (nope)

More impulsive than I should have been I suspect, but assuming this works out properly, this leaves me with just one major thing left to collect. I give you what is probably the penultimate mysterious square: Nope, not this time. Turned out that the seller posted it by accident, with […]

I am a diagnostic genius

I finally decided to open up and deal with the problem I’ve been having with the Bell & Howell power supply. Let’s recap where we are so far. I tested the power supply in the machine by plugging it in directly. It works fine. I tested the backpack’s auxiliary outlets. […]

Never G090H give you up

Quite a while back, I seemed to be a bit of a //c magnet. By now, I’ve got three //cs and a //c+. It seemed to me that in order to complete the //c experience, I should get one of the little 9″ monitors designed for the //c (model G090H). […]