I’m still here, and some other places I am

It’s been almost 2000 days since I’ve posted anything here. But since this place is kind of findable, here are a couple of places you can find me. Like Mastodon sites that can’t be posted on Twitter as of now. yesterbits@oldbytes.space (Mastodon) The Retrocomputing Roundtable podcast (main site) rcrpodcast@podcasts.social (Mastodon) Drop /// Inches […]

Droppedbox public folder and broken links

Again posting a technical note about the site itself and not actual retrocomputing content, but: years ago I made the not-entirely-prudent choice of using Dropbox’s very convenient public folder sharing to store and selectively host basically all of my vintage computing stuff. So, if I tweeted a scanned manual or […]

New host

This is not likely of much historical interest, but I’m on a new host now that should I hope move a little quicker.

An early story of Apple II software marketing, as told by a disk label

I came across an eBay auction that had a photo of a disk in it. I tweeted the photo with a caption matching this post title.   An early story of Apple II software marketing, as told by a disk label. pic.twitter.com/OCEbY5mspe — Yesterbits (@yesterbits) March 13, 2017 But I thought it about a bit […]

Axlon RAMDISK 320

This is the Axlon RAMDISK 320, a Disk II-sized box that can connect to the Apple II (and reportedly also to the Apple III, with a different interface card) and serve as a fast RAM disk. It looks nice. Because I assembled this in pieces, I have not actually had a […]

Microsoft Z-80 SoftCard manual (draft)

I recently got a (signed!) set of manuals for the “Microsoft Z-80 SoftCard” that were originally provided to the designer of the SoftCard, Don Burtis, for the purpose of proofing the text. They are interesting in that they contain some penciled corrections, and also that the product itself was called the “Z-80 SoftCard.” Sometime […]

Apple III ProFile Sales Kit

This is the Apple III ProFile Sales Kit, for dealers, to encourage customers to buy a ProFile. I have scanned the contents of the binder here: Apple III ProFile Sales Kit (PDF) It came with a bunch of Backup III disks (the program and then a 6-disk set, designed to be restored […]

A few Apple III images from Ian

I have long been meaning to post these somewhere, but I will post them here for now. These are a few Apple /// disks that an online friend of mine, Ian, imaged from disks that he had around that were labeled as being for the Apple ///. I have not gone […]

Apple III Record Processing Services (RPS)

I recently got ahold of an Apple III software package I had never really heard of before, the Apple III Record Processing Services (RPS). It provides libraries that allow developers to add database functionality to their applications. At this point, I have not explored it or really tested it out, I […]

How to Operate the Apple II Plus

Back in 1982, computers were not as intuitive, and Apple didn’t hold workshops in the Apple stores, which didn’t exist. So, some training tools were developed by enterprising third parties, one of which was FlipTrack, who produced a three-cassette audio course called “How to Operate the Apple II Plus”. They […]