FOGHORN newsletter

First Osborne Group newsletter, I have scanned a number of these, coming here soon.

Update March 2022: I have uploaded the scans I have (done back in 2014) to the Internet Archive:

FOGHORN issues

I may rescan these, and there are a couple that I have that did not get completely scanned before. But these are the ones that are presently easily available. They are generally from 1983 to 1985.


  1. Hi—Thanks, I’ve been pretty remiss about getting the scans up. I have scanned quite a few but then never actually put them anywhere. However, I don’t have May 1988, I only have (most of) June 1983 to June 1984 and 1985 I believe. I’ll see if I can get these organized soon, trying to work out the best way to post things in volume in some semi-automatic and maintainable way. But, nevertheless, I’m sure I don’t have May 1988.

  2. Hi, just wondering if some of these might get posted. Really interested in reading some of these FOG newsletters.


  3. Thanks for asking, this motivated me to upload what I have to the Internet Archive. I’ll come back and fill in this page… someday. But the link above should lead to the issues that I had ready to post already.

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