Epson QX-10

Epson QX-10




SAMS QX-10 repair manual, not yet OCRed.

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  1. Greetings,
    i’m the person about the page of the epson qx-10 in french.
    Let me say that your site is impressive !

    I’ve started computing at 8 years old (i’m 42) on an amstrad cpc and some friend of my father loan a qx-10 to write him some kind of business software to do accounting (i was 13). He went to 80386 and give me the epson ! I really like this machine because it’s a very pro one and you keep in your hand a piece of history.

    Software manuals are a piece of solid and precise ones (the only one like these i saw the manuals of my studer a80 rc master tape recorder…). I really like coil system to drive half disk drive instead of classical endless screw. Not many computers have embedded ram disk, 192k , expansion bay (i’ve gathered 8088 titan card) , and CMOS backed ram.

    There was a very cool piece of software called QX-TEXT ( a word processor ) where you tilt the monitor at 90 degrees to have a full page displayed.

    Anyway i’ve connected a sun microsystems (i like unix stations) and my epson display some internet pages !

    before doing C/C++ etc somewhere, I’ve programmed a lot with turbo pascal on this machine (great language) including a little shell for cp/m (i would like to to a graphical environment).

    And finally i really really would like to write a driver and to build a piece of hardware like this disk drive emulator on sd card (thiere existe for C64 – try search C64c style sd2iec on google).

    Best regards,
    thanks for your site, and greetings to all epson fans.

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