Retrochallenge 2012

Ok, as a motivator for getting one of the projects done I’d hoped to do, I have decided to attempt the Summer 2012 Retrochallenge. The plan of the project is to get one of my Apple IIs screen-shared on the internet. Updates on that project will appear on the Retrochallenge […]

Virtual ProFiling

The last thing I needed to embark on the mission to put my X/ProFile into the Lisa 2/10 arrived today, a bunch of blank CF cards. I mail ordered them because it turns out nobody local seems to sell them this small anymore. The reason I was waiting for those […]

QX-10 ComMunication

Lots to catch up on here, but here’s one thing that I got fairly recently that I’m pretty pleased about. For some reason the Epson QX-10 seems to have faded into obscurity quite a bit more dramatically than some of the other machines of its time. As I’d mentioned before […]