Early Apple Software

Back when the Apple II was new, Apple was the source of most of the software for the platform as well. Some software was sold under the name Apple Software Bank, and later under the name Special Delivery Software. Some pictures, some blurry, I’ll flesh out this page with scans and disk images eventually. And take better pictures. Annotations indicate which price lists/catalogs I’ve seen them in.

This page is really only a skeleton. I’ll finish it later.

A2D series (Apple II disk software)

A2D0007 Dow Jones Portfolio Evaluator (J9) (N9) (M0) (M1)

A2D0009 Microchess 2.0 Chess Disk (F9) (J9) (N9) (M0) (M1)

A2D0010 Disk Utility Pack with DOS 3.2.1 (J9) (N9) (M0) (M1)

A2D0012 The Controller (J9) (N9) (M0) (M1)

A2D0013 Apple Post (J9) (N9) (M0) (M1)

apple post disk

A2D0014 Education Series — The Shell Games (N9) (M0) (M1)

shell games disk

A2D0015 Elementary, My Dear Apple—Education II (M1) (have manual only)

elementary manual

A2D0016 Apple How To!—Education III (M1)

apple how to

A2D0018* Apple Bowl (“Bowling Program Diskette”) (J9) (N9) (M0) (M1)

apple bowl disk

A2D0023 DOS 3.3 Kit (M0) (M1)

A2D0025 The Cashier (J9) (N9) (M0)

A2D0026 Apple Writer (M0) (M1)

A2D0028 Apple Pilot (M0) (M1)

apple pilot manuals

A2D0029 DOS Tool Kit (M0) (M1)

A2D0030 Dow Jones News & Quotes Reporter (M0) (M1)


dowjones disk

A2D0031 Apple Stellar Invaders (M0) (M1)


A2D0032 Apple FORTRAN (M0) (M1)

A2D0033 Apple Plot (M0) (M1)

apple plot

A2D0034 Apple Adventure (M0) (M1)

apple adventure

A2D0037 Applegraphics (catalog?)


A2D0038 Apple Music Theory (M1)

apple music theory

apple music theory disk

A2D0040 Tax Planner (M1)

tax planner manual

A2D0048 Apple Presents… Apple keyboard (catalog?)

C2E series (education)

including CTW stuff here due to numbering

C2E0001 Hand Holding BASIC (F80, S81, S82)

C2E0002 Geometry & Measurement Drill & Practice (F80, S81, S82)

C2E0003 Supermap (F81, S81, S82)

C2E0004 PILOT Animation Package/Tools (F81, S81, S82)

C2E0005 Topographic Mapping (S81, S82)

C2E0006 Bridge Tutor (basic version) (S81, S82)

C2E0007 Bridge Tutor (expanded version) (S81, S82)

C2E0008 Speed Reader (S82) — S82 called this C2E0006 I think.

C2E0009 Spelling Strategy (S82)

C2E0010 Math Strategy (S82)

C2E0011 Moptown (S82)

C2E0012 Magic Spells (S82)

C2E0013 CTW Ernie’s Quiz

C2E0014 CTW Spotlight

C2E0015 CTW Mix and Match

C2E0016 CTW Instant Zoo

C2H series (personal/home)

C2H0001 Personal Finance Manager (S81, S82)

C2H0002 Musicomp (F80, S81, S82)

C2H0003 Galactic Wars (F81, S81, S82)

C2H0004 Artist’s/Artist Designer (F81, S81, S82)

C2H0005 Utopia Graphics Tablet System (S81, S82)

C2H0006 Agenda Files (S81, S82)

C2H0007 Diet Analysis (S81, S82)

C2H0008 ?what is it?

C2H0009 The World’s Greatest Blackjack Program (S81, S82)

C2H0010 The Wreck of the B.S.M. Pandora (S82)

C2B series (business)

C2B0001 Pascal Animation Package/Tools (S80, S81, S82)

C2B0002 VT100 Emulator (F80, S81)

C2B0003 PSort (Fall 1980, Spring 1981, Spring 1982)

C2B0004 APM (S81, S82)

C2B0005 Formulex (S81, S82)

C2B0006 Goodspell (S81, S82)

C2B0007 Plan80 (S81, S82)

C2B0008 Order Tracking System (S81, S82) — S81/82 might have called this C2B0006

C2B0009 VisiCalc Real Estate Templates (S81, S82)

C2B0010 Apple Writer II (S82)

C2B0011 Script II (S82)

C2B0012 Senior Analyst (S82)

C2B0013 Comm-Pac (S82)

C2S series (science)

C2S0001 Stepwise Multiple Regression (F81, S81, S82)

C2S0002 Datatree (S82)

C2S0003 Circuit Analysis (S81, S82)

C2S0004 Designer’s Toolkit (S82)

C2S0005 Paralax (S82)

C3B series (business)

C3B0001 Apple Writer III (S82)

C3B0002 Apple III Business Graphics (S82)

C3B0003 Apple Access III (S82)

C3B0004 Script III (S82)

C3S series (science)

C3S0001 Apple III Pascal Utility Library (S82)

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