Never G090H give you up

Quite a while back, I seemed to be a bit of a //c magnet. By now, I’ve got three //cs and a //c+. It seemed to me that in order to complete the //c experience, I should get one of the little 9″ monitors designed for the //c (model G090H). […]

A modern //c-compatible external hard drive

I’d missed this in my searching around, but there is (going to be) an option for external mass storage on a //c, the SmartPort Virtual Hard Drive, which allows you to plug in a USB thumb drive, with a note from last month saying that deliveries may begin this month. […]

I don’t fully approve

I’d never advise doing this to a drive that wasn’t irreparably dead, and I would actually think it would be a little bit cooler if the drive retained its original look rather than just being turned silver (though I understand how much work went into turning it silver), but—with those […]