The Rising Star

Almost certainly the biggest player in the Epson QX-10-specific software world was Rising Star Industries, the creators of Valdocs and its various successors. Valdocs is an integrated software suite that (as I understand it) was generally packaged with Epson QX-10 machines. RSI pretty much tied its future to the QX-10 […]

Supercalifragilistic Epson Alidocious

Some more Epson doc scans, I think this finishes the sets that I have. The Epson QX-10 reference manual is here, and then various manuals pertaining to the Epson PX-8 and peripherals. QX-10 Operations Manual (1983) Microsoft BASIC for the Epson QX-10 About Your Geneva PX-8 Documentation Epson Software Licence […]

PeachWare, CP/M-80, and Valdocs

A few more scans from the QX-10 library, these are scans of the Peachtree software suite manuals. Peachtree Mailing List Manager User’s Manual Peachtree Spelling Proofreader User’s Manual Peachtree PeachCalc Electronic Spreadsheet User’s Manual PeachCalc reference card Also, the Epson CP/M-80 manual, MTERM manual, and the Valdocs User’s Guide. Using […]

QX-10 ComMunication

Lots to catch up on here, but here’s one thing that I got fairly recently that I’m pretty pleased about. For some reason the Epson QX-10 seems to have faded into obscurity quite a bit more dramatically than some of the other machines of its time. As I’d mentioned before […]

Press reaction to the QX-10

Here are some scans I just did of a couple of reviews from Microcomputing magazine in 1983 on the Epson QX-10. “The quintessential computer? Epson’s QX-10 hits the high-end micro market.” Jim Hansen, Microcomputing, April 1983. “Vive la difference! Valdocs: While the Epson QX-10 offers impressive features, it’s the software—particularly […]

BBooting the QX-10

I popped open the QX-10 again today and swapped the A and B drives. When I had them out, I observed that the B drive (the then Right drive, second picture) has a chip that the A drive (the then Left drive, first picture) lacked. “Hmm,” I thought, “maybe that’s […]

SAMS Computer facts: Epson QX-10

I also got this cool thing in the mail yesterday, which has a great deal of technical information and schematics of the various bits of the QX-10. For posterity, the various parts of this are archived here (not yet OCRed): Cover Preliminary service checks System (CPU, keyboard, power supply) Disk […]

Writing drivers

I started piling some of my imaged disks onto a big ProDOS volume for use with Virtual ][, using Glen Bredon’s DOS.MASTER, since nearly everything I’d ever done was in DOS 3.3. In the process, I came across an old text file I’d written called “Writing Drivers“. Click the link […]


After setting up the Epson QX-10 and finding that, although it happily displayed “INSERT DISKETTE” on its monitor, it didn’t recognize any of the diskettes I inserted in response, I decided to pull it open quickly and take a look to see if anything presented itself as an obvious problem. […]

I may never buy software again

Today in my office, an actual Epson QX-10 arrived. I’d put an ad here to help explain what the QX-10 is, but no ad can do it justice. Though, as it happens, all I can get the machine to do at the moment is tell me “INSERT DISKETTE”. I have […]