Saint Softalk dot Mac

Softalk was one of the most highly regarded computer magazines focused on the Apple II series of computers, running from September 1980 until August 1984. They’ve been mentioned here before. In the later years, however, the publishers branched out to a couple of other platforms. There was a second magazine […]

ProFiles encouraged

Apple’s ProFile drive, designed (clearly) for use with the Apple ///, came in a couple of variations, and quickly made its way to the Lisa and Apple II as well. They came in 5MB and 10MB varieties (the 10MB versions are quite rare now), as distinguished by their model numbers […]

Packing Lisa

Some packing lists and other stuff from Lisa 2/XL. I have some manuals as well, but this is all the little miscellany. Lisa 2 packing list Lisa 2 accessories packing list Lisa software license agreement Lisa hardware registration card Lisa add-on memory board packing list Lisa add-on memory card installation […]

Virtual ProFiling

The last thing I needed to embark on the mission to put my X/ProFile into the Lisa 2/10 arrived today, a bunch of blank CF cards. I mail ordered them because it turns out nobody local seems to sell them this small anymore. The reason I was waiting for those […]

Diagnosis: 1E1

Since the keyboard I had was missing some keys and was acting very non-keyboard-like, I procured a replacement on eBay, which happened to come up at an opportune moment and not cost very much. It was untested, apparently the seller still had the keyboard but no longer had a computer […]

On to error 70

It turned out that finding a replacement for the COPS chip in the Lisa was not as difficult as I’d anticipated, although I also think I was just startlingly lucky in my timing. The person I bought the Lisa from originally actually volunteered one to me, and I bought a […]

Error 52 and mystery of the missing COPS chip

So, the Lisa starts up with an I/O board error, number 52. According to my list of errors, this is an “I/O COPS error” which might have as its solution a replacement of the COPS chip. There are a couple of other possible problems that could cause this I think. […]


The Apple Lisa was a big deal, you can read all about it on the internet, I won’t go into a lot of depth here. It was Apple’s first foray into GUI, before there was a Macintosh. The original (“Lisa 1”) actually says “Lisa” on the front, and had two […]