I haven’t done anything with this yet, but I have the Thunderscan with its interface box. I need to explore exactly what I have, and I need to get the software for it. The tan device is a PowerPort, which allows this to be plugged into the old Macs; it is a floppy drive passthrough port, which lifts the power and combines it with the serial signal coming over the ADB cable, and then passes everything out over the DB9 serial connection.

My understanding is that this should work on Apple II series computers, and with Macs with this type of disk connector with the help of the PowerPort. For newer Macs that don’t have the same type of disk connector, such as the Macintosh II and beyond, a separate Power Adapter (that gets its power from the wall) is needed. I should shortly have one of those as well, and I’m hoping (since I don’t have an actual Macintosh II) that it will more or less the same way with later compact Macs as well.

Once I’ve got this going, I’ll start posting more about it, link in the software, etc.

The connector.

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