Retrochallenge 2012

Ok, as a motivator for getting one of the projects done I’d hoped to do, I have decided to attempt the Summer 2012 Retrochallenge. The plan of the project is to get one of my Apple IIs screen-shared on the internet. Updates on that project will appear on the Retrochallenge […]

Bell & Howell: Power test, and the outlines of a crazy plan

On the Bell & Howell front, I have now cleaned it all up, and reassembled it. In the process, I found this stamped under the keyboard, which pretty definitively indicates that I was right about this being an August, 1981, machine. (Further evidence that the “8138” really does mean “38th […]

Apple II screen sharing

This is just me thinking out loud, but back in the day I wrote a number of modem drivers basically for the purpose of running bulletin board systems, and mostly specific to the Novation Apple-Cat ][ modem. However, it occurs to me that it was also possible with those drivers […]

Rambling about modern usefulness of vintage machines

So, I’ve been collecting a bunch of vintage machines, mostly because of the nostalgia value, but practically speaking, what good are they? What realistically might ever lead me to turn one of them on? Some of these are just visually appealing (the G3 and G4 iMacs, the G4 Cube), or […]

Writing drivers

I started piling some of my imaged disks onto a big ProDOS volume for use with Virtual ][, using Glen Bredon’s DOS.MASTER, since nearly everything I’d ever done was in DOS 3.3. In the process, I came across an old text file I’d written called “Writing Drivers“. Click the link […]

Success with ADTpro was surprisingly good

I took a shot at imaging some of my 5.25″ Apple floppies from the mid-80s today, using ADTpro talking to my IIgs over the modem port connected via a Keyspan dual serial adapter (driver here) to the USB port on my MacBook Pro. Two bits of good news to report: […]