More SE/30s

I got a couple more SE/30s from somebody’s garage recently, both of which externally look a bit nicer than the first (recent) SE/30 I got. One was assembled in Ireland, and one was assembled in Singapore. I don’t at the moment know what the difference would be. Maybe the Ireland […]

Subliminal Apple branding

Including Apple stickers with computers and other hardware was always kind of a goofy, childish thing, but I think it worked. People used them, people stuck them to their folders in school, to their file cabinets, very often (kind of superfluously) to their computers or disk drives. Mine, for some […]

Some stubborn goop

I spent a little while going after “the freakish horrorshow that lives under the keyboard” of my childhood Apple ][+, and I have two comments. First: to the extent that I’ve managed to lift it off, it appears at least as if the PCB below is undamaged. Second: that is […]

A longer list than I’d realized

There are still a couple of things that I’ve gotten that haven’t been documented here yet. They’ll get more discussion later on. This is really mostly a list with pictures. I now have a Macintosh LC II, which has the notable property that it can host the Apple IIe emulator […]

No video. $10. Final sale.

I went to my first computer recycler today. I’d written some email to a few of them, one wrote back quickly saying that they didn’t have a lot of old Apple stuff, and that it changes day to day, but that said at the moment they had “some old laptops […]

Kryofluxing QX-10 disks

A more daunting project than using the Kryoflux to image old PC floppies is trying to image the floppies that I used on the Epson QX-10 I had for a couple of years. There isn’t a lot out there on the QX-10, actually. There’s a page that has some information […]

Kryofluxing old PC disks (the Salon program lives)

So, my Kryoflux unit arrived, and I have set it up. No time for enclosures, I just used the box it shipped in as my enclosure. I ran a number of my old PC floppies through it, and for the most part had pretty good success. I recovered a number […]

Apple ][ minus

Along with the “READY GO” clone I posted about previously came our original Apple ][+. It looks pretty good. These machines generally do. They don’t turn yellow like the //es and Macs do. This is, as I recently learned, because they’re actually painted that color, and the paint doesn’t turn […]

Ready go

My Apple ][+ clone from high school arrived today. In a big box, along with an actual Apple ][+ our family got slightly earlier. By the box is a pen, you know, for scale. This computer has appeared in these pages before, I used to see it every time I […]

The //c with the power to print

Today, an Apple //c arrived. I hadn’t really meant to buy this one, exactly, but it was basically $15, or $30 with shipping. Seemed like not very much. (Though I’ve come to see that it’s not a steal, really, either. For some reason, the //cs really are not commanding much […]