ImageWriter II

I have three of these now (one Snow White/Fog, two Platinum). I have only really worked with one of the Platinum ones so far, which doesn’t seem to print properly despite my having replaced the print head (which I hope means that I was just unlucky and both print heads have stuck pins, but there might be something deeper wrong). The other two may well work, but are as-yet untested. I should shortly (as of when I’m typing this) be getting a relatively rare sheet feeder accessory for the ImageWriter II as well.

I also have two AppleTalk network cards to install in them, at some point, and I plan to try to get at least one of them on an AppleTalk network. It’s possible that I need to unload some of these, they take up a lot of space. But one thing that’s cool about them is that they are compatible with nearly every early Apple machine. I should be able to connect it to pretty much any of the Apple IIs, or any of the compact and pre-USB Macs (or even post USB Macs, with the help of one of the Keyspan ADB-to-USB serial adapters I have).

And, I have a Thunderscan setup that I also plan to try out. It too should be compatible with most of the early machines, provided I can find some software for it at least. I do have the two different power adapters that are needed for connecting to early and later 68k Macs. So, maybe I can actually use all those ImageWriters, if one were dedicated to the Thunderscan. Hard to say. Again: space.

Anyway, this page is a placeholder for when I will actually report on some of what it took to get them running and connected (assuming I do) to the various machines.

ImageWriter II on Wikipedia.

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