Supercalifragilistic Epson Alidocious

Some more Epson doc scans, I think this finishes the sets that I have. The Epson QX-10 reference manual is here, and then various manuals pertaining to the Epson PX-8 and peripherals. QX-10 Operations Manual (1983) Microsoft BASIC for the Epson QX-10 About Your Geneva PX-8 Documentation Epson Software Licence […]

PeachWare, CP/M-80, and Valdocs

A few more scans from the QX-10 library, these are scans of the Peachtree software suite manuals. Peachtree Mailing List Manager User’s Manual Peachtree Spelling Proofreader User’s Manual Peachtree PeachCalc Electronic Spreadsheet User’s Manual PeachCalc reference card Also, the Epson CP/M-80 manual, MTERM manual, and the Valdocs User’s Guide. Using […]

Mountain Hardware cards

I’ll write more about this shortly, but I recently got a really nice and complete Apple II plus system setup, complete with a couple of Mountain Hardware cards and manuals. Almost all of this system was purchased at the end of November, 1979, so these cards are from that era. […]