Apple III software and scans

Originally, I’d intended to do a bunch of write-ups incrementally as I scanned and imaged Apple /// disks. And maybe I still will. But blog posts are fleeting, and it would be good to collect stuff together in one place anyway. And given that I keep not getting around to the posting, I’ll just start collecting things here. Maybe what you are looking for is here? Until I find a better way to organize things, this is a start.

On Three – Universal Sider driver

dsk, manual.

On Three – UniDisk 3.5 driver


Titan ///+//e startup disk


I have the manual and stuff scanned, but not properly processing. It’s coming.

On Three – Card Machine
This is a blackjack game written by Dr. Melvin Astrahan.
Disk images provided by Garrett Meiers.

disk (front, boot), dsk (back)

Diskcheck and Prohealth (TAU)

These were on a disk labeled Apple III Group International 004-H. But the programs appear to come from TAU disk 54. There is a readme file that indicates this. Apple III Group International may have been Apple-internal.

Diskcheck will do directory structure scanning and repairs, Prohealth will look at your ProFile to see how many blocks are used, free, bad.

Diskcheck disk, Prohealth disk, readme, jpg of disk

RC disks

These are probably disks from a user group, but I don’t know which one. Perhaps they were disks distributed by a company that used and supported the Apple /// as well. They were sourced in a large lot from somebody who appears to have done something like this but I haven’t gotten much further getting information about the operation. Links and photos coming.

5001 Apple III Assembler library

5100 Appleseed BASIC program modules

5102 BASIC Tools

5106 BASIC Graphics Utility Library

5301 Access ///

5303 Codefile Transmitter

5305 XMODEM III 17

5402 Confidence Program

5414 Reformatter ////

5416 System Utilities 1.2

5427 System Utilities 1.2F

5428 Drivers Aid

5507 Gain On Sale

5711 Omnis 3 Technotes

5714 Apple II Emulation

5715 System Demonstration

5800 Business BASIC 1.23

5803 Pascal 1.2

5903 Label Maker ///

5917 Diskcopy

6101 SOS driver upgrade

5104 Fonts

6202 Super AppleWriter 4.1

6202 Apple Speller ///

6312 Omnis 3

Nisha disks

These came from some Apple-internal stash.

Nisha diagnostics

Nisha format 7.0

Nisha random R/W test 4.4

Apple III ProFile Limited Data Recovery

ProFile 5MB format program 1.2 backup grey label

ProFile 5MB format program 1.2 backup yellow label

And I’ll try to work though this more later. Consider this a placeholder.

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