I have scanned approximately a zillion things, and—although I usually tweet them once I’ve finished processing them—I generally have not managed to put these scans anywhere accessible while I wait around to posting about the things. So this page is a place for me to mostly dump links to scans, pending sorting. There is some thematic organization here, and I’ll probably break things out into more sensible subpages at some point. This is just a stopgap, because it’s getting kind of out of hand.

Apple II related

Advanced Logic Systems (ALS)

Sales brochure (“…designed with you in mind”).

Als you in mind

ALS Software license agreement

Als software license agreement

Smarterm Installation, Tutorial, and Reference Manual (v1.1, 1980)

Smarterm users manual 11

Dark Star Systems

Snapshot (manual, questions & answers, disk scan, disk image) (had to recopy DOS onto image so it would boot)

Snapshot manual

Snapshot qa

Snapshot disk

Snapshot splash


Electric Duet (manual)

Electric duet manual

Zargs (instructions, registration card)

Zargs instructions

Zargs registration

Omega Microsystems

The Inspector

Omega inspector manual


Omega watson manual

Sirius Software

Autobahn (1981)

Autobahn instructions

Beer Run (1981)

Beer run instructions

Cyber Strike (1980)

Cyber strike instructions

Gamma Goblins (1981)

Gamma goblins instruction card

Gorgon (1981) (instructions, other products)

Gorgon instructions

Sirius other products gorgon

Orbitron (1981)

Orbitron instruction card

Pascal Graphics Editor (1981) (manual, EULA)

Pascal graphics editor manual

Pge eula

Phantoms Five (1980)

Phantoms five insert

Snake Byte (1982) (instructions, other products)

Snake byte instructions

Sneakers (1981) (instructions, iron-on, other products)

Sneakers instruction card
Sneakers iron on
Sirius other products sneakers

Space Eggs (instructions and iron-on)

Space eggs instruction card

Space eggs iron on

Mac related

A Guide to DeskTop Publishing (1985) (coincident with LaserWriter release)

Guide to desktop publishing

Apple Authorized Dealer selling guides and Quick Learning Tools (1985) (MacDraw QLT missing)

Dealer mac 1985 selling guide

“Of the 235 million people in America, only a fraction can use a computer” Mac brochure

Mac brochure only a fraction