On Three magazine

This is a collection of scans of On Three, the Apple ///-centric magazine published by On Three.

Em Maginnis scanned a number of these issues that I’ve listed below, particularly in the first few volumes. Those scans were retrieved from the asimov FTP site and are marked with *. Most of the links here have been (or will be) converted to archive.org links rather than links to issues hosted here.

Volume 1 (1983) (cover photo on v3n7 shows only four issues in v1)

On3 v1n2 On3 v1n3
On3 v1n4    

Volume 2 (cover photo of issues on v3n7 shows only these two issues in v2)

On3 v2n1 teaser On3 v2n1 On3 v2n2

Volume 3 (1986)

On3 v3n1 On3 v3n2 On3 v3n3
On3 v3n4 On3 v3n5 On3 v3n6
On3 v3n7 On3 v3n8 On3 v3n9
On3 v3n10 On3 v3n11 On3 v3n12

Volume 4 (1987)

On3 v4n1 On3 v4n2 1987 On3 v4n3
On3 v4n4 On3 v4n5 On3 v4n6
On3 v4n7 1987 On3 v4n8 1987 On3 v4n9
On3 v4n10 On3 v4n11 1987 On3 v4n12 1987
On3tracks 1987 05 06 On3tracks 1987 late summer  

Volume 5 (1988) (some of these are only photocopies)

OnThree1988 01 OnThree1988 02 On3 v5n3
On3 v5n4 On3 v5n5 On3 v5n6
On3 v5n7 On3 v5n8 On3 v5n9 10
On3 v5n11 12    

Volume 6 (1989)

(Jan-Feb missing)

OnThree1989 03 04 OnThree1989 05 06
OnThree1989 07 08 OnThree1989 09 10 OnThree1989 11 12

Volume 7 (1990)

OnThree1990 01 02

(Mar/Apr missing)

(May/Jun missing)

(Jul/Aug missing)

(Sep/Oct missing)

OnThree1990 11 12

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