Here are some miscellaneous books I’ve scanned.

Apple II-related

Blackwood blackwood 1983 applesoft language 2ded Brian D. Blackwood & George H. Blackwood. 1983. Applesoft Language. 2d ed. Howard Sams & Co.
Blankenship 1984 the apple house John Blankenship. 1984. The Apple House: How to Computerize Your Home Using Your Apple Computer. Prentice-Hall.
Brain bank 1981 basic conversions handbook Brain Bank (David A. Brain, Phillip R. Oviatt, Paul J.A. Paquin, Chandler D. Stone, Jr.). 1981. The BASIC Conversions Handbook for Apple, TRS-80, and PET Users. Hayden.
Franklin koltnow finkel 1982 golden delicious games for the apple computer Howard M. Franklin, Joanne Koltnow, Leroy Finkel. 1982. Techniques for Creating Golden Delicious Games for the Apple Computer. John Wiley & Sons.
Heiserman 1983 intermediate level apple ii handbook David L. Heiserman. 1983. Intermediate-Level Apple II Handbook. Howard Sams & Co.
Apple ii basic quick reference guide Gilbert Held. 1982. Apple II BASIC: Quick Reference Guide. John Wiley & Sons.
Hofacker floegel1982 the custom apple Winfried Hofacker & Ekkehard Floegel. 1981. The Custom Apple & Other Mysteries. IJG Inc.
Morrison stover 1989 apple care manual Chris Morrison & Teresa S. Stover. 1989. Apple Care Manual: Diagnosing and Maintaining Your Apple II+, IIe and IIc Computers. Windcrest.
Microtek most popular book Winn Schwartau & Paul Gitschlag, Dennis L. Busch (ill.). 1983. The Most Popular Book Ever Written on Making Apples Grow. Microtek Inc.
Sterling swift 1981 educational software directory Sterling Swift. 1981. Educational Software Directory, Apple II Edition. Sterling Swift.
Titus larsen titus 1981 apple interfacing Jonathan A. Titus, David G. Larsen, Christopher A. Titus. 1981. Apple Interfacing. Howard W. Sams & Co..
Wadsworth 1979 intro to lo res graphics Nat Wadsworth. 1979. Introduction to Low Resolution Graphics. SCELBI Publications.
Wagner 1982 assembly lines Roger Wagner. 1982. Assembly Lines. Softalk Books.
Williams et al 1983 apple ii computer graphics Ken Williams, Bob Kernaghan, and Lisa Kernaghan. 1983. Apple II Computer Graphics. Brady.
White 1982 101 apple programming tricks Fred White. 1982. 101 Apple Computer Programming Tips & Tricks. ARCsoft Publishers.


Naiman 1984 introduction to the lisa Arthur Naiman. 1984. Introduction to the Lisa. Addison-Wesley.


Jones stewart 1982 timex sinclair 1000 programs games and graphics

Robin Jones, Ian Stewart. 1982. Timex-Sinclair 1000 Programs, Games and Graphics. Birkhäuser.

Page 1983 101 timex sinclair programming tricks

Edward Page. 1983. 101 Timex/Sinclair 1000/ZX-81 Programming Tips & Tricks. ARCsoft Publishers.

Page 1983 practical timex sinclair programs for beginners

Edward Page. 1983. Practical Timex/Sinclair Computer Programs for Beginners. ARCsoft Publishers.

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