Hey hey hey

Here’s another bunch of scans, this time the materials accompanying the Texas Instruments TI 99/4a. I have two of these, and recently got a nanoPEB, so I’m all set to play with them and report back here. Once I can find the time. Meanwhile:

Ti994a read this first
Ti994a user reference guide
Ti video modulator operating guide
Ti994a basic reference card
Computer advantage club
Ti audio cassette recorder info
Texnet brochure
Ti home computer program library 1982
Tihcn 1983summer
Tihcn 1983july
Tichn 1983sept
Tihcn undated
Triton catalog 1984spring
Triton catalog 1984fall

—Listen, what’s this thing for anyway? —I can’t tell you… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. But at least now we can read the manuals.

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