Softalk for the IBM PC

Softalk for the IBM Personal Computer was a magazine focused on the IBM PC platform, in the style (and from the same publishing company) as Softalk (which was a well-known and well-loved Apple II magazine). I only became aware of the existence of Softalk for the IBM PC fairly recently, but I now have a complete collection. I am working my way through scanning the issues, but all the covers are below and where the issues are scanned, they will be linked here as well.


June 1982 (or 600dpi)
Stpc82jun cover Stpc82jun toc
Stpc82jul cover Stpc82jul toc
Stpc82aug cover Stpc82aug toc
Stpc82sep cover Stpc82sep toc
Stpc82oct cover Stpc82oct toc

Stpc82nov cover

Stpc82nov toc

December 1982 (or 600dpi)
Stpc82dec cover

Stpc82dec toc


Stpc83jan cover

Stpc83jan toc

Stpc83feb cover

Stpc83feb toc

Stpc83mar cover

Stpc83mar toc

Stpc83apr cover
Stpc83may cover
Stpc83jun cover Stpc83jun toc
Stpc83jul cover Stpc83jul toc
Stpc83aug cover Stpc83aug toc
Stpc83sep cover Stpc83sep toc
Stpc83oct cover Stpc83oct toc Stpc83oct toc2
Stpc83nov cover Stpc83nov toc Stpc83nov toc2
Stpc83dec cover Stpc83dec toc Stpc83dec toc2


Stpc84jan cover Stpc84jan toc Stpc84jan toc2
Stpc84feb cover Stpc84feb toc Stpc84feb toc2
Stpc84mar cover Stpc84mar toc Stpc84mar toc2
Stpc84apr cover Stpc84apr toc Stpc84apr toc2
Stpc84may cover Stpc84may toc Stpc84may toc2
Stpc84jun cover Stpc84jun toc Stpc84jun toc2
Stpc84jul cover Stpc84jul toc Stpc84jul toc2
Stpc84aug cover Stpc84aug toc Stpc84aug toc2

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