Mysterious square #3 (nope)

More impulsive than I should have been I suspect, but assuming this works out properly, this leaves me with just one major thing left to collect. I give you what is probably the penultimate mysterious square: Nope, not this time. Turned out that the seller posted it by accident, with the wrong pictures. So, still two to go.

Mystery square

The return of the mysterious square

The second mysterious square is back, here’s a nicer version.

Mysterious square returns

[Photo credit:, cropped and hosted here.]

Seller guaranteed that it would not power on, but we’ll see if I can manage to coax it to life. Many gory details likely soon, starting in about two weeks.

Speaking of mysterious squares

If you liked the previous mysterious square, get a load of this:

Another mysterious square

Ah, never mind. Didn’t work out, I won’t be getting this after all, at least not anytime soon. It was nice to think about while it lasted. As you were. Ah, never mind again, worked out in a somewhat different way.