Good on ya, eMate

Today’s batch of scans pertain to the eMate 300 and associated eProbe experiment box that I got from a teacher who was using it in school back around the turn of the century. I’ve included here both the official Apple scans and scans of some of the homebrew documents.

First, some pictures of one of the eMate 300s, the serial interface box, and three of the probes (voltage probe, light sensor, and temperature probe).

Emate overview

Emate serial box interface

Emate voltage probe

Emate light sensor

Emate temperature probe

And then the scans. As of now, I have not scanned the primary (large) manual, this is just the smaller extra stuff.

Apple emate in education
Emate interface box
Emate300lab operating basics
Emate300lab using applications
Emate300lab newtonworks
Emate300lab sending and receiving
Emate300lab classroom server
Eprobe general science activities guide
Emate eprobe handbook homebrew
Emate introduction for students
Emate notes for teachers
Eprobe teacher notes
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  1. Wow, wow, and more wow! I struggled with an eMate and Serial box a couple of years ago, trying to use the demo/logging software (obtained from Dave Vernier, who did not write it but subcontracted the programming) and never got anywhere mainly because I had no docs. You just changed all of that, I found this page by accident and I am happy that I did!

    I will have to get my hardware out and see if I can remember how to hook the eMate up to a modern computer and try this out. Thanks!

  2. Cool! Glad to hear there’s someone else out there with one of these, too. Getting the sensors up and running (or even really playing with the eMates) has slowly sunk down my to-do list, but I’m definitely interested to see what it can do. I think the eMate’s modern enough that it’s not too hard to connect it up, if you have a serial ADB-USB adapter like those Keyspan used to sell.

  3. Do you also have the general eProbe manual available? That has the information on calibrating the software + sensors, and I think I need tht to really get moving. All help appreciated!


    • Hmm. I think I probably don’t, I think the only thing from this set that I didn’t scan is Apple’s eMate 300 User’s Manual, mainly because it’s very thick and bound, so it will be a challenge to get a decent scan. I’ll double check when I can to see if there’s anything that I missed, but I’m unfortunately not optimistic. That’s unfortunate, I hope there’s a way to figure it out without that manual.

  4. Thanks, with the docs you already posted, and my playing with things a bit, I have had some success!

    Check out

    I will keep the pictures up for a short while.

    Basically the temperature probe works as expected. The heart rate monitor does not, but it is not on the eProbe “supported list” and I do not (yet?) understand how it works, but I may get lucky.

    Anyway, thanks!

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