ADTPro vs. Mountain Lion

The new version of ADTPro has a couple of really interesting enhancements. One is that even the ProDOS version of the client can send nibbles now (before it was only the DOS 3.3 serial client), and the other is that it has now implemented a virtual server that allows you to connect a disk image on the host machine as a ProDOS volume on the remote Apple.

However, it turns out that ADTPro won’t launch in Mountain Lion. At least for me, pretty much no version back as far as I checked (1.2.0) would launch, it tells me that the application is damaged and that I should put it in the trash.

We’ll see how soon the official build fixes this, but after a little bit of hunting around on the net I was able to ascertain that the culprit is the JavaApplicationStub file contained within the application. Mountain Lion has a mechanism to determine whether an application is “signed” by a known developer, and the problem here appears to be that the JavaApplicationStub has some kind of mismatched signature.

I got it working by “unsigning” the JavaApplicationStub file, using a ruby script I found out in the wilds of the internet. If you go to and download the file, saving it as something like “unsign_snipt.rb” (Safari will probably smash a couple of extra endings on there, but the important thing is that it end in .rb), then in Terminal get into the directory it’s in, and do this…

chmod 755 unsign_snipt.rb
./unsign_snipt.rb /Applications/ADTPro-1.2.4/

It should then be possible to right-click on the application icon and select “Open”, confirm that this is something you want to do, and then the application will launch normally. It worked for me anyway.

Adtpro 124 iicplus

In fact, I even succeeded in doing something horribly inappropriate. With Virtual.po mounted on the IIc Plus and simultaneously mounted in Sweet16, I was able to save a file on the IIc Plus and have it appear in Sweet16, and vice versa. The only catch I saw is that you need to set the ProDOS prefix away and then back in Sweet16 for it to pick up the change. ADTPro seems to catch changes made by Sweet16 immediately, though. (But don’t do this, it’s scary.)

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