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[Hello, people who follow the link from Open Apple #68. I wrote this a long time ago and there have been a few developments. I’m fEDD Up has been updated a couple of times, and I’ve made approximately a gazillion more EDD images by now than those that are linked here. I’m still working on a better way to deal with posting things, etc. Some notes: I’m fEDD Up can now write to .fdi files, which are the format the Open Emulator can use directly. Zellyn Hunter  has been working on adding //e emulation recently, too, so that may be coming. And I still haven’t quite resumed working on defedd, but still intend to, any day now. However, since I’m fEDD Up can write .fdi files itself, defedd is less necessary for simple EDD to .fdi translation. And, now, back to what I wrote in 2014.]

I have been working with the EDD+ card getting images with I’m fEDD Up. I’ll make this prettier later, but I wanted to have a place to put things in progress. Right now the progress is mostly in typing this placeholder text. I may get a spot on archive.org for these later on, so that they can be grabbed en masse. And I’ll probably break these up into categories better later and add whatever related scans I have (instruction cards, manuals, etc.).

The EDD files are tracks 0-35 step .25, and the FDI files are converted EDD files that work in Open Emulator (just containing the bit stream, with 2.5x track samples). Right now, Open Emulator is kind of languishing, the original author has dumped it and there’s nobody really actively working on it. In order to use it, you probably need to compile it yourself in XCode (and resurrect the ROM from earlier commits, since they were removed). I convert the EDD images to FDI images, which OE can read, using a program that is under kind of sporadic development (by me) called defedd. MESS quite recently (as of November 2014) gained the ability to read .EDD files directly, but the EDD files here are the wrong size (an extra 4 quarter tracks), so the MESS code in mame/src/lib/formats/ap2_dsk.c needs to be changed to recognize them (2310144 bytes instead of 2244608). Currently, the MESS implementation chops a single track out of each 2.5x-sampled track, and that winds up working in a smaller proportion of the cases than OE’s implementation, which uses all 2.5x samples. The disks are named with numbers or codes that I get from a stamp or manufacturer’s serial number on the disk, so I can differentiate one copy of the disk from another, and I’m trying to grab images of all of them. Mostly I’ll just be posting the ones that worked here (i.e., boots in Open Emulator).


Alien Rain

Disk “1129”: EDD, FDI, PDF

Alien rain 1129 disk front Alien rain 1129 disk back

Disk “8275”: EDD, FDI, PDF

Alien rain 8275 disk front Alien rain 8275 disk back

Apple Panic

Folder: PDF

Apple panic folder Apple panic folder back

Disk “1342”: EDD, FDI, PDF

Apple panic 1342 disk sleeve front Apple panic 1342 disk sleeve back
Apple panic 1342 disk front Apple panic 1342 disk back

Disk “7829”: EDD, FDI, PDF

Apple panic 7829 disk front Apple panic 7829 disk back

Arcade Machine

Folder: coming…

Disk: (maybe) coming…


Folder: coming…

Disk: coming…

David’s Midnight Magic

Folder: PDF

Disk “2662”: EDD, FDI, PDF

Davids midnight magic 2662 disk sleeve front Davids midnight magic 2662 disk sleeve back
Davids midnight magic 2662 disk front Davids midnight magic 2662 disk back

Galactic Empire

Disk “4013” (v1.1): EDD, FDI (requires BOOT13)

Galactic Trader

Disk “3998” (v1.1): EDD, FDI (requires BOOT13)


Instructions: PDF

Seafox instructions front Seafox instructions back

Disk: (maybe) coming…


Disk “1872”: EDD, FDI, PDF

Serpentine 1872 disk sleeve front Serpentine 1872 disk sleeve back
Serpentine 1872 disk front Serpentine 1872 disk back

Sky Blazer

See also: Star Blazer (same game, different name)

Folder: coming…


Sky blazer disk front Sky blazer disk back


Folder: coming…

Disk “5343”: EDD, FDI, PDF

Snoggle 5343 disk front Snoggle 5343 disk back

Space Quarks


Space quarks adg disk front Space quarks adg disk back

Star Blazer

See also: Sky Blazer (same game, different name)


Star blazer disk front Star blazer disk back

Data Most

Pig Pen


Pig pen 2717 disk front Pig pen 2717 disk back

Tharolian Tunnels


Tharolian tunnels disk sleeve front


Castle Wolfenstein

Disk “2932”: EDD, FDI, PDF

Castle wolfenstein 2932 disk sleeve front Castle wolfenstein 2932 disk sleeve back
Castle wolfenstein 2932 disk front Castle wolfenstein 2932 disk back



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