Todo list


This is probably not interesting to anyone but me, but I’m going to completely forget something if I don’t list the things I want to try at some point, and wind up doing something less interesting before something more interesting.

To do

Things I plan to do still but haven’t yet. Randomly organized, mostly tedious. Probably the more creative things will come after most of these.

  • Get all the Apple II pluses working (four of them, five if you count a clone, six if you count the Bell & Howell one).
  • Get the unenhanced //e working, contemplate swapping chips with one of the loose motherboards to enhance the one in the case.
  • Experiment with Apple II peripheral cards.

    • CP/M cards (generic one, MS SoftCard)
    • Replay 2 card
    • Mockingboard clone
    • Printer cards (Alphabits card, Epson APL board)
    • Modem cards (Apple-Cat, MicroModem II and coupler)
    • RAM cards (Saturn 32K, others)
    • Titan accelerator //e card
    • Video cards (Vision 80, some other Videx card, others)
    • Misc (Softronics keyswitch, SCSI card)
  • Use the Apple IIgs
  • Put the video chip bundled with the X/ProFile into the Lisa so I don’t have to deserialize the Lisa applications
  • Recap four SE/30s. Setup ethernet card in one of them.
  • Finish archiving floppies with Kryoflux and/or DiscFerret
  • Downgrade one of my Disk ][ cards to 13-sector.
  • Diagnose/fix the //c with RAM trouble
  • Clean up and diagnose three //cs
  • Get some sort of office-local PBX going for modem communication
  • Diagnose/fix/clean three ][+es (replace chargen chip, failed RAM)
  • Diagnose/fix QX-10 floppy drive
  • Setup LC III with IIe card (hardware assembled, may need either system enabler or MacOS reinstall)
  • Install AppleTalk board in ImageWriter II and get it on the network
  • Install AztecMonster SCSI-CF interface in something (probably one of the SE/30s).
  • Scan InCider/A+ issues
  • Clean/setup NeXTstation TurboColor
  • Install PC compatibility card in something, probably requires cleaning/setting up older PowerMac as well
  • Put Airport cards in iMac G3s, eMacs, iMac G4s
  • Try writing modem driver that works over SSC connection to modern machine
  • Get one or both Timex-Sinclair 1000s working (requires at least connecting a display), and try to connect its audio/video ports to a modern machine
  • Connect the audio/video ports of the Bell & Howell ][+ to a modern machine
  • Put one of the spare //e motherboards and Disk ][s into a Power Mac G4 case
  • Build a second dongle for the Workstation card I have that doesn’t have one
  • Work out whether it’s possible to control a CD player with frame accuracy and/or create a Laserdisc simulator, recreate Rollercoaster.
  • Set up a networked machine that can make clapping noises to turn something on and off with the Clapper.
  • Fix the degraded pads in the Lisa keyboard, maybe do the other one as well.
  • Do Apple /// clock upgrade
  • Play around with the III plus II / III plus IIe card sets in the Apple ///.
  • Try InLine IN1240 to see if it can deal with Apple II video
  • Clean/setup eMates, try serial box and probes, maybe rebuild battery packs, maybe swap parts so that one is mostly pristine (one has a cracked screen, other has stickers on it).
  • Get ProFile running on Apple ///, possibly get LLF kit and reformat
  • Get CMS SCSI drive running on an Apple II
  • Upgrade some old Mac (6116CD?) with Sonnet G3 upgrade board
  • Do something interesting with the line of iMac G4s in my office
  • Profile and work with the Aquarius computer system
  • Build the Lisa 2MB RAM card
  • Build the Lisa SCSI card
  • Try to setup the Mac Portable using a more powerful power adapter, and maybe rebuild its battery pack.
  • Explore and get the Compaq Portable II running
  • Get the Bernoulli box running off the Compaq Portable II
  • Get the Coco 1 running
  • Get the Coco 2 running
  • See if I can get anywhere with the X-Pad for the Cocos.
  • Get the TI 99/4as running, experiment with the speech synthesizer
  • Scan all documentation and books and magazines
  • Test and reconstitute second Apple III
  • Build a PiBook with the Rasberry Pi and Lapdock
  • Clean up the Macintosh TV and try to get it running
  • Try to get the Apple Interactive TV Box to do something. Use the SCSI port? Fake the service?
  • Build a LEGO robot that can be controlled with the Apple II LEGO interface box.
  • Build the Digi-Comp 1 (and maybe connect it to something outside? Maybe the LEGO controller can drive it?)
  • Clean and try to repair Aquarius cassette deck (replace power cord)
  • Use the Replica 1
  • Set up the ProFile LLF kit and reformat the ProFile drive
  • Rebuild the interface/power cable for the Silentype and try to connect it to various computers
  • Try to get the Timex printer working with the Timex-Sinclair 1000s
  • Set up the language card with Programmers Aid #1 chip in something and try it out
  • Get Merlin working
  • Get Split Second working
  • Experiment with the Lisa parallel card
  • Experiment with the Apple III parallel card
  • Try to get the IXO terminal to do something (write something it can communicate with?)
  • Try to get QX-10 communicating with the outside world via the CR-103, RS232 card, and the acoustic coupler
  • Get the C64 running
  • Do something with the 2-3 spare //e boards I have.
  • Use everything!

That’s a really long list. And probably many of those individual items will expand to bigger things as I get to them. It’ll certainly be interesting getting through it, but I can’t imagine that it’ll be done anytime soon. What I do, when it gets to a reportable point, will be reported on this site, though.

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