The //c with the power to print

Today, an Apple //c arrived. I hadn’t really meant to buy this one, exactly, but it was basically $15, or $30 with shipping. Seemed like not very much. (Though I’ve come to see that it’s not a steal, really, either. For some reason, the //cs really are not commanding much of a price on ebay.) But, here’s why I got the thing anyway.

The auction showed this picture, along with a description reading

Selling used APPLE IIC COMPUTER SYSTEM MODEL A2S4000 FOR PARTS. I have no way of testing this unit, comes with a power supply, did power it but nothing happen, no light no nothing so I am selling it for parts as is. Comes as pictured.

Iic powerprint front

Well, but that’s not a Power Supply IIc. That’s some generic power adapter. That’s some generic 5V power adapter. I found it online somewhere by model number, and, as the actual device shows (now that I have it in my hand and can turn it over), I was right about that.

Iic pp mypower

Well. Of course it wouldn’t turn on. It effectively wasn’t plugged in. The //c power brick is actually 15V.

Iic power brick specs

Though, it was really the picture below that indicated most clearly to me that the statement that “did power it but nothing happen, no light no nothing” was pretty much meaningless.

Iic powerprint plugged

I bought it. It arrived. I took a picture of the power adapter that I was sent (above) and then set it aside, and used an actual //c power brick. Below are the images of the end of the power cords. The black one is the one provided with this auction. The white one is a known-good //c power cord.

Iic power plugends

Here’s the back of the machine, with the power adapter that I was sent sitting on top of the machine. Look carefully.

Iic backports and power plug

No light no nothing looks like this:

Iic powerprint booting

However, not everything is kittens and bunnies. There is probably some kind of RAM problem here, as indicated by the ghosted zeros on the screen. Will need some further diagnosis.

Iic powerprint flakeyzero

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