Superappleinvader Game captured

I made some attempts at capturing the audio from the cassettes, and the first one, Invader Game Apple Invader Super Invader Superinvader, was successfully transferred.

The audio files are below, in WAV and AIFF formats. I have tested the AIFF file in Virtual II, but I have not tested the WAV file. Note that this game is old enough that it assumes you have the Integer ROMs, so to use this you need to boot from the System Master and switch to integer with INT before dropping to the monitor and loading it with 200.6000R.

I also made a loader DSK image that contains the data captured from the cassette and will load the language card, switch to the Integer ROMs, and the load the game. Although the cassette load starts at $200, it immediately proceeds to $280, so the version on the disk just starts at $280 and can be BRUN. Note that this game was also distributed on disk, but the DSK image below is one I made just now, and uses the data read from this cassette. Later I will probably image the disk version (I have two of the disks), although I’m pretty sure it already exists out there, and it probably only differs in how the game code is loaded.

This game seems to have gone through several name changes in the course of development. The label says “Superinvader” but the initial splash screen says “Super Invader”, then a second splash screen calls it “Invader Game”, and then both the demo legend screen and the gameplay screen say “Apple Invader”. So it goes.

Superinvader splash

Superinvader invadergame

Superinvader legend

Superinvader game

Superinvader tape front

Superinvader tape back

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  1. This looks like the same game published (by Cosmos) via Creative Computing – they also called it Super Invaders even though the games says ‘Apple Invaders’.

  2. Yep, I’m sure it’s the same game. I remember discovering that Creative Computing distributed this at some point when David Finnegan and I were trying to research the origin of the disk version, but forgot when I was searching Antoine’s archives. So, Antoine does have this up there after all (along with some pictures of the disk version and some packaging materials), it’s just under “Creative Computing” and not “Cosmos”. There’s a recent thread on comp.sys.apple2 about it, subject line “Cosmo Mission and Astar International Co.” (from early April to mid May, 2013), that has some discussion/information about it. I have two of the disks and this tape (all acquired within the last year or so), but all arrived “loose” with no packaging or other information.

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