Apple III publications

I just recently got a pretty big haul of Apple III stuff, including a bunch of boxed software (quite a bit of it still shrink-wrapped), and also a number of newsletters and catalogs. I’ve scanned what I have of the newsletters.

One that was new to me is The /// Magazine. It seems to have been a publication put out by Pair Software, which served as a kind of advertising vehicle for them, but also included quite a few articles. The editing is a bit spotty, spelling errors are somewhat rampant, but it’s still interesting to see. (Perhaps the worst of the errors is that on the cover of the October 1986 issue, in large type, it proclaims “November 1986”.) I have four issues, and I’ve also scanned a renewal notice and subscription card.

A more well-known Apple /// publication is On Three, three of which I have, along with a kind of “brochure” (On Three Tracks) that is really just a brief catalog, with one article in it. I scanned all of these, one of which already exists on asimov (among many earlier issues there, scanned by Mike Maginnis). Two of the ones I have scanned here (vol 5, numbers 1-2) were not represented there, though, nor was the On Three Tracks brochure. On Three was also essentially produced by an Apple /// software/hardware company, but it was nevertheless a pretty contentful and professionally produced newsletter.

I also have posted a couple of Sun Remarketing Sun Times catalogs. Sun Remarketing of course was the company that bought up a lot of Apple /// and Lisa stock and resold and supported it after Apple canceled the machines.

These are not entirely pristine. The original recipient marked the date received on them, and went through some of the catalogs checking off things of interest and making notes. I have made no attempt to clean this up. But it’s not particularly distracting, either.

The /// Magazine

On Three

Sun Times

IIIMagazine1986 10 IIIMagazine1986 11 12
IIIMagazine1987 01 IIIMagazine1986 12 subcard
IIIMagazine1987 02
OnThree Tracks1987 05 06 OnThree1987 10
OnThree1988 01 OnThree1988 02
SunTimes1987 spring SunTimes1988 winter
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