Apple Cat II manuals

I did a bit of scanning today, resulting in a nearly complete set of manuals for the Novation Apple Cat II, although these manuals were not originally mine and some have been, sadly, kind of marked up. The Com-Ware II manual is the worst of them. I hope to unearth my own manuals at some point, and if I do I will re-scan those and replace these copies. But for now, here are these.

[Update: added another five scans, after initial posting.]

Acii cover Acii cw2 cover Acii cw2 add cover
Acii api cover Acii 212 cover Acii bsr cover
Acii cassette recorder cable Acii expansion module Acii serial printer cable
Acii options accessories Acii 212 info sheet
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  1. I don’t know how old this post is, but word is that utility companies deploying smart meter is causing severe interference with X10 home automation gears.

    • I haven’t really done much experimentation with the Apple-Cat BSR unit yet, but I do see from a bit of Googling around that there do seem to be some problems with smart meters that communicate over the power lines in roughly the same way X-10 devices do. Thanks for the note, it’ll be useful to have in the back of my mind if my X-10 system at home (remotes for lights, been using them for many many years) stops working.

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