I’m still here. But good grief! So, after KansasFest, I went on two further week-long trips, and since having gotten back to my office, I haven’t really had a chance to do much at all vintage-related. But things have been piling up, I have a really kind of ludicrously long list of projects to do here by now. Lots and lots of interesting things to try to get running, to learn about, and to document. But it’s going to take a while, because the summer seems to have vanished without having given me the time I was hoping to have, and with the academic year coming up now, things have kicked into high gear again.

First of all, I still intend to post KansasFest 2012 reflections, it having been my first (and likely not last) KansasFest. I did have a chance to talk (kind of incoherently) about it with Ken Gagne, Wayne Arthurton, and Jeremy Rand on the Open Apple podcast, show #18, which is likely to hit the pod waves soon. But I’ll try to do that sooner rather than later (despite the fact that there are all these interesting toys left to look at!).

Among the things that are KansasFest related, my HackFest project (which was to be a QR code generator for the Apple II) did not get finished, but got far enough along that it is probably not eligible for an entry next year, so I intend to finish that. And at least I want to put an epilogue on my RetroChallenge 2012 “entry.”

Also, things kept arriving while I was away. eBay opportunities do not stop just because I’m out of town, it turns out. My office looked kind of ridiculously full of boxes upon my return.

At KansasFest itself, I wound up acquiring an impressive load of Softalk magazines, a DuoDisk, and an extra new-style 5.25 disk controller. The Softalks were the real gems, I am particularly happy to have become reconnected with the issue containing the article pictured below, “Have an Apple Split” by Bob Bishop, in the October 1982 issue. I intend to write about that article itself later, I think it had a pretty profound effect on me when I read it originally. It is possible to read the text of the article online, but now I have the real article back. I do intend to do some scanning of these issues, as one of the many upcoming projects.


I also need to work a bit on setting up this site as well, right now things are not really very well tagged and categorized, and it looks kind of awful on an iPhone.

So, this is really a “I’m still alive” post. More to come, but it will probably take a little while before things start moving here again.

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