There is a new “oldest Apple ][+ I have ever seen” (or at least, seen a label for). Prior to this, it was A2S2-11547. The new smallest serial number (on an Apple ][+, A2S2-) that I’ve seen is A2S2-10087:

A2s2 10087

Board date: second week of October 1979.

A2s2 7941

And: It’s in my office.

A2s2 7941 in office

A2s2 7941 in office top

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    • There’s not a lot to the story, really, I got it from an eBay seller and not really for cheap, though I think I did get it for less than it could have gone for. The auction included a picture of the motherboard where the “7941” date was clearly visible, and the auction text mentioned a “100XX” serial number, which seemed to go together. Since I had just been doing a survey of board dates and serial numbers, I recognized that this was lower than any I’d seen, and certainly predated my “8050” (with an absurdly high serial number, A2S2-1497165). So, I made an offer for it that was a little bit over half the price that was being asked, and then accepted a slightly higher counteroffer, but I did still get it for less than the original asking price. In further correspondence with the seller, I discovered that it had been picked up at a yard sale from someone who had had it in the basement for years and wanted it gone, so I don’t really have any more information about where it came from than that.

      I do think that I got it by being watchful and willing to jump on it right away with a fairly high offer, I am almost certain that if it had been listed for much longer, I’d have lost it to the “deeper pocket” collectors; certainly, I’ve watched helpless as other similar-era machines or non-plus Apple IIs get bid well beyond what I could handle. Even so, this was still kind of “deep-ish pocket” acquisition. It came with two drives and a few peripheral cards (and said it had a “DOS 3.0” disk, which sounded incredibly weird, but it turned out to be a 1987 Apple System Disk for the IIe and IIc version 3.0, which wasn’t nearly so interesting. DOS 3.0 as far as I know wasn’t really publicly released, I think 3.1 was the first public release). But still the only things I’ve paid more to acquire were the obviously pricey ones (NeXTstation, Apple III, Bell & Howell II+, Lisa 2).

  1. i have an Apple 2+ (i think). Green on white lable with Serial no. A2S2 01511. mobo marked 7928
    I have looking for information about it for some time now and I can´t find any good info about my A][ .
    Got it on a garage sale for about 15 years ago.

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