iMac population explosion

Before today, I had a graphite iMac DV/SE which got pretty badly cracked during shipping.

Imacdvse 1 cracked side

And I had a iMac G4 (which is currently kind of cutely perched atop my IIgs, Snoopy-style).


Today’s trip to the computer recycler (a different one from the one I visited last time) yielded quite a few more. I got a snow iMac, which I somehow failed to take a picture of, and two more graphite iMac DV/SEs, to make up for the cracked one.

Imacdvse 2

Imacdvse 3

And I wound up with five more iMac G4s. The reason I wound up with five more of these is that they were basically on their way to the crusher. If I didn’t take them, they would be destroyed. And I felt like I couldn’t let that happen. The recycler gave me the whole set for $8 per machine.


Browsing around computer recycling places is pretty interesting. But I don’t think I could ever (even if there were any chance of a career change in my future) work in such a place. Because their main mission is to destroy these things, ecologically. I understand that it probably has to be done. But it seems like it would be rather like working in a slaughterhouse for someone who really loves pigs.

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