The terrarium ][+ and its RAM of many card slots

Upon brief reflection, I realized that, indeed there was a problem with the terrarium ][+’s RAM. Here’s the picture from before. Zooming way in on the circles, you may see what the problem with the RAM is. It’s not there. Of course, this is because the terrarium ][+ originally had […]

Terrarium ][+ powers on

After quite a while of having the terrarium ][+ disassembled, waiting for new standoffs, I decided that I’d just take the pretty similar standoffs out of a different ][+ and put them in. Two of my other ][+ machines had black standoffs instead of white ones, but one other machine […]

The return of the mysterious square

The second mysterious square is back, here’s a nicer version. [Photo credit:, cropped and hosted here.] Seller guaranteed that it would not power on, but we’ll see if I can manage to coax it to life. Many gory details likely soon, starting in about two weeks.

Bell & Howell: Power test, and the outlines of a crazy plan

On the Bell & Howell front, I have now cleaned it all up, and reassembled it. In the process, I found this stamped under the keyboard, which pretty definitively indicates that I was right about this being an August, 1981, machine. (Further evidence that the “8138” really does mean “38th […]


Oddly enough, although I’ve collected quite a lot of Apples II by this point, all of the activity relating to them has really been in the disassembly, cleaning, testing, and reassembly process. Only just today, however, I have put a working Apple II in my office. Here it is, platinum […]

Bell & Howell Apple ][+

Today, the current king of my collection arrived, a Bell & Howell Apple ][+, notable both because it’s quite rare, and because it was really “my first” computer. I never owned one, although this is what I started using at school when I was in 6th grade, and they even […]

Speaking of mysterious squares

If you liked the previous mysterious square, get a load of this: Ah, never mind. Didn’t work out, I won’t be getting this after all, at least not anytime soon. It was nice to think about while it lasted. As you were. Ah, never mind again, worked out in a […]


I recently got an Apple II workstation card, which provides AppleTalk support to an enhanced //e or greater. Unfortunately (though I knew this when I bought it), it did not come with the required adapter box that actually makes the connection between the connector pins and the LocalTalk cabling. I […]