Softalk issues

Sooner than I’d anticipated, I’m back on the blog. I’ve scanned a couple of my issues of Softalk, and as an experiment, I tried putting them in a shared folder on, since I happened to have a bunch of space available there. But the downloading interface is not optimal, […]

State of the blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here, and as usual a lot of interesting and relevant things have happened (mainly in terms of acquisitions) that I could post about. Mostly, I’ve just resorted to Twitter, and by now there are so many things to post about that […]

Supercalifragilistic Epson Alidocious

Some more Epson doc scans, I think this finishes the sets that I have. The Epson QX-10 reference manual is here, and then various manuals pertaining to the Epson PX-8 and peripherals. QX-10 Operations Manual (1983) Microsoft BASIC for the Epson QX-10 About Your Geneva PX-8 Documentation Epson Software Licence […]

PeachWare, CP/M-80, and Valdocs

A few more scans from the QX-10 library, these are scans of the Peachtree software suite manuals. Peachtree Mailing List Manager User’s Manual Peachtree Spelling Proofreader User’s Manual Peachtree PeachCalc Electronic Spreadsheet User’s Manual PeachCalc reference card Also, the Epson CP/M-80 manual, MTERM manual, and the Valdocs User’s Guide. Using […]

Mountain Hardware cards

I’ll write more about this shortly, but I recently got a really nice and complete Apple II plus system setup, complete with a couple of Mountain Hardware cards and manuals. Almost all of this system was purchased at the end of November, 1979, so these cards are from that era. […]

Compaq MS-DOS 3.1

In support of my two Compaq Portables (II and III), I got myself a copy of the official Compaq 3.1 version of MS-DOS and BASIC. At least for the Compaq Portable II, my understanding is that this is the latest version (oddly, apart from MS-DOS 6.0) that it can run. […]


In order to accumulate all that I have accumulated, I have spent a fair amount of time scanning the listings on eBay. I probably watch eBay more closely than a lot of people do, and I’ve managed to do relatively well I think so far. Here are some miscellaneous ramblings […]

Booting the Compaq Portable II

A while back I got my hands on a Compaq Portable II, notable for being one of the first “luggable” PCs. Not the very earliest (as one might imagine from the name, there was a predecessor even from Compaq), but close enough to be interesting yet developed enough to be […]

ADTPro vs. Mountain Lion

The new version of ADTPro has a couple of really interesting enhancements. One is that even the ProDOS version of the client can send nibbles now (before it was only the DOS 3.3 serial client), and the other is that it has now implemented a virtual server that allows you […]

Hey hey hey

Here’s another bunch of scans, this time the materials accompanying the Texas Instruments TI 99/4a. I have two of these, and recently got a nanoPEB, so I’m all set to play with them and report back here. Once I can find the time. Meanwhile: Read this first! TI 99/4a User’s […]