Droppedbox public folder and broken links

Again posting a technical note about the site itself and not actual retrocomputing content, but: years ago I made the not-entirely-prudent choice of using Dropbox’s very convenient public folder sharing to store and selectively host basically all of my vintage computing stuff. So, if I tweeted a scanned manual or disk image, it was generally pointing to a Dropbox link. Dropbox has now turned off that functionality, even for us long-time paying users. What that means is that I need to start migrating anything that pointed to Dropbox here to point to media hosted here. That was my plan anyway, but until I finish that there will probably be broken links all over the place. It’ll take time. So, basically: I know. Tweet at me if there’s something you’re trying to get that seems only to be linked here and at the end of presently broken link, but I hope to have this all migrated properly within the next couple of months.

(The image here is Maru, in a frame from Box and Maru 17)

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