A few Apple III images from Ian

I have long been meaning to post these somewhere, but I will post them here for now. These are a few Apple /// disks that an online friend of mine, Ian, imaged from disks that he had around that were labeled as being for the Apple ///. I have not gone through them very thoroughly, but I have gone through them cursorily now, and I’ll put them here with any notes I have on them. If you figure out more about them, great, let me know, I’ll update this post. But just so they are somewhere.

The whole set of disk images/photos are here: ian-apple3

Here’s what’s in it:

The Apple /// Professional Solution Demo. Three disks. You boot disk 1, are asked to insert disk 2, and then you can watch a “rolling demo.” It seems though that either there were some errors in the imaging, in the emulation, or in the program itself, since for me at least it didn’t go into rolling mode properly, and I managed to get it to crash out by trying to move to a different part of the demo while it was running. The third disk (“follow-up”) is kind of interesting in that it contains a bunch of templates for the dealers to use (in Apple Writer, I believe) to follow up with potential customers who saw the demo. The text versions of these are in the “janetta” folder in the archive.

Apple II emulation disk. The disk is a copy and is labeled “64K ?” which is intriguing, since normally Apple II emulation is restricted to emulating a 48K Apple II. I’m not sure what was intended here. However, the disk when it boots looks pretty normal, except that it crashes on the couple of DOS 3.3 disks I attempted to boot with it. So.

Microsci A74/A143 driver disks. Version 1.2 and version 1.4. And something labeled “UTL”. These contain drivers.

Apple software revisions disks. Apple Access III revision, and SOS revisions A00 and A01.

Microsci Gameport III modification diskette v1.1 Apr 19 1983. Modifies the Emulation disk, presumably to allow for some kind of game input devices on Apple II games.


TG Products modifier. Boots on an Apple II, modifies the Apple II emulation disk, presumably to allow some TG products game input device to work with Apple II games.

Business Apple Group, Inc. Business BASIC .003. Disk of what appear to be example programs in Business BASIC. I didn’t try these out.

PKASO driver files for the Apple ///, Nov 9, 1983.

On Three Lazarus /// v2.0. Only side 1 was imaged here, but side 2 is available from apple3.org.

PFS, PFS: file, PFS: report, PFS: report sortwork. These don’t boot and are probably protected.

Quark Word Juggler data, install. Neither boots, and they’re quite probably protected.

I think that’s all of them. So, now they are on the web and Google will eventually know of them.




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