Apple III Record Processing Services (RPS)

I recently got ahold of an Apple III software package I had never really heard of before, the Apple III Record Processing Services (RPS). It provides libraries that allow developers to add database functionality to their applications. At this point, I have not explored it or really tested it out, I have only just scanned it. I will probably come back to this post later to update it with more information, but, for the moment, here is what came in the package. It was not sealed, and I did not get a packing list, but I think the packing list was the only thing I was missing.

apple-iii-rps-box-front Box scan
 apple-ii-rps-disk Disk scan (PDF)
Disk image:
 apple-iii-rps-programmers-manual Programmer’s Manual
 apple-iii-rps-errata Errata: Record Processing Service (RPS) Programmer’s Manual
 apple-iii-rps-using-the-unknown-type Technical note: RPS: Using the Unknown Type
 apple-iii-rps-box-label Box label
 apple-iii-rps-license-agreement Software License Agreement
 apple-iii-rps-auir Apple User Input Report


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  2. Hi there

    Get info on a mysterious piece of Apple III Software. One thing I did notice is that the above link for the ‘Errata: Record Processing Service (RPS) Programmer’s Manual’, opens the ‘Software License Agreement’.

    Thanks again for the interesting info on the Apple III.

    Rob Moore

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