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Sooner than I’d anticipated, I’m back on the blog. I’ve scanned a couple of my issues of Softalk, and as an experiment, I tried putting them in a shared folder on, since I happened to have a bunch of space available there. But the downloading interface is not optimal, and it pings me every time someone downloads a file. The advantage was that it was browsable, but I’ll replicate that by posting the links here.

Update: I’ve updated August 1982, it is now complete except for the back cover.

What I’ve been doing is extracting selected individual articles (with full-page ads removed) from the magazines, and then (where I’ve done the whole thing) the entire issues. These are searchable images, originally scanned at 600dpi and down sampled to 300dpi, since, as it turns out, the printed resolution is not high enough to warrant 600dpi. I’ve also put bookmarks in the PDF files for the articles, since the additional time to do that over and above the cropping and OCR time was fairly insignificant.

Where I’ve processed the full issue, it’s linked below. I have some articles from issues that I have not scanned in full in here as well. I will update this post when I’ve scanned them in full, but probably also recapitulate it in a new blog post for those.

If you don’t want to wade through what’s below, the full issues are: July 1981 (79MB) and October 1982 (243MB). August 1982 (217MB) is complete except the back cover.

Softalk 1981 July

Softalk1981 07

Softalk 1981 November

Softalk1981 11

Softalk 1982 April

Softalk1982 04

Softalk 1982 August

Softalk1982 08

Softalk 1982 October

Softalk1982 10

Softalk 1984 January

Softalk1984 01

Softalk 1984 July

Softalk1984 07

Softalk 1984 August (final issue)

Softalk1984 08

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  1. May be, somebody has Dec 1983 issue? I need article about first screensaver “Socha’s Toolbox: Save Your Monitor Screen!”, which was published in December 1983 issue of the Softalk magazine

    • Sorry, only just saw this. I definitely have the Dec 1983 issue, but I haven’t put a lot of effort into scanning them because they’re due to be available at the Softalk Apple site before too long. I believe Mike Maginnis scanned that one though as a test run. It’s a huge issue. I can’t seem to find his scan online right now, but I’ll check. I may have a local copy that I can at least extract that article from.

      • I’m looking at the issue now, but I’m not seeing anything that resembles what you’re looking for. Are you sure it was the December 1983 issue?

      • Ah-ha! The reason I couldn’t find it is that it was in Softalk for the IBM PC. I do have the December 1983 issue, with this article in it. I’ll see if I’ve scanned it already, I think I probably haven’t. I have a page with the tables of contents and covers scanned here, though: Softalk for the IBM PC.

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