Oddly enough, although I’ve collected quite a lot of Apples II by this point, all of the activity relating to them has really been in the disassembly, cleaning, testing, and reassembly process. Only just today, however, I have put a working Apple II in my office. Here it is, platinum //e, with a matching monitor that I picked up separately from a Craigslist ad, all cleaned up and running a self test, sitting in what I think will be its final spot in my office.

Platiie officetest

I haven’t completely decided what cards it will have. I caved in and bought another Workstation card, which I expect will arrive soon, so at least the Workstation card will go in this, allowing me to share files (and probably boot) off an AppleTalk network. Beyond that, we’ll see. I have quite an assortment of expansion cards that might go in here, but at least the machine itself is clean, ready to go, and working. Cleaning up the keyboard did seem to help with the key bounce issues, and now it is no longer sitting in the case at a tilt. I’m willing to call this one a success.

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