You are the goop beneath my chips

I got a chip puller, and pulled up a couple of chips that were sitting in the goopy area of the old ][+. There is some that has gotten under the bigger socket, as I’d feared. I’m starting to wonder if I need to really just plain wash/soak this board, and stop messing around with Q-tips.

Homeiiplus chipgoop2

Unfortunately, the goop grabbed hard, and I wound up accidentally amputating one of the legs off one of the smaller chips. I think that may be fatal, I’ll have to see if I can get a replacement, though maybe I can solder it into the socket. Though maybe I also need to figure out how to replace the sockets themselves. (The chip looks to be fairly replaceable, though I’m not really an expert at reading chip numbers. I don’t know what the significance of the “8124” is, but otherwise the 74LS194AN seems to be available from a number of sources.)

[Edit: I now know the significance of “8124”, thanks to a comment made in the middle of Tony Diaz’s retr0blasting talk from KFest 2010, the chip I killed was just about to turn 31 years old, having been made in the 24th week of 1981.]

Homeiiplus amputee chip

Homeiiplus amputee chip number

The goop has gotten all over the legs of the bigger chip (which came out intact, eventually). I’m hoping this one is salvageable, since this is less likely to be easily replaceable short of finding a spare parts machine. (Of course, I do have two ][+es, but I was really hoping that I could get them both to work.)

Homeiiplus dirty legs

It’s still not clear how optimistic I should be here.

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