I recently got an Apple II workstation card, which provides AppleTalk support to an enhanced //e or greater. Unfortunately (though I knew this when I bought it), it did not come with the required adapter box that actually makes the connection between the connector pins and the LocalTalk cabling. I […]

Apple II screen sharing

This is just me thinking out loud, but back in the day I wrote a number of modem drivers basically for the purpose of running bulletin board systems, and mostly specific to the Novation Apple-Cat ][ modem. However, it occurs to me that it was also possible with those drivers […]

Apple II collection goes platinum

I managed to find a platinum Apple //e on eBay that looked pretty unyellowed, had a complete set of plastic back panels, the essential cards, and even a disk drive and joystick. It was fairly clearly from the bottom of someone’s closet, put up completely untested and at a surprisingly […]

Do not discard

Today, a HUGE box arrived. In fact, it was the second of two boxes, which my sister had brilliantly shipped out to me from the other coast. But the reason for the huge box is that, within it, was this! Admittedly, to most, this looks like, well, trash. But it’s […]

Terrarium teardown: green slots

I disassembled the terrarium ][+ in preparation for checking that it is clean, reseating the chips and reattaching the motherboard to the case. And look: Green slots. Interesting.

Well, yes, if “surprise” means “shock and horrify”

Again, do not do these things to hardware that still works. But here’s what someone does with iMac G4s. This beautiful lamp is made from an old iMac G4. Be the envy of your office. Surprise your mac lover. Be the coolest kid on your block. [Photo credit: Randall Littleton; […]

I don’t fully approve

I’d never advise doing this to a drive that wasn’t irreparably dead, and I would actually think it would be a little bit cooler if the drive retained its original look rather than just being turned silver (though I understand how much work went into turning it silver), but—with those […]

More thoughts on HDD replacements, with boring table

I’ve been exploring drive replacement options for the various machines that I have and which might need drive replacements, and I’m finding a surprisingly small amount of information about exactly what all of the drive options really are. This is a much more complex task than I’d originally given it […]

Rambling about modern usefulness of vintage machines

So, I’ve been collecting a bunch of vintage machines, mostly because of the nostalgia value, but practically speaking, what good are they? What realistically might ever lead me to turn one of them on? Some of these are just visually appealing (the G3 and G4 iMacs, the G4 Cube), or […]

I should audit that terrarium ][+

Having just learned a little more about how to identify old pieces (from parts of Tony Diaz’s retr0blasting talk from KFest 2010), I’m now seeing that in the pictures I have of the terrarium ][+, it is actually pretty old. I didn’t think the serial number looked that old. True, […]