Short robot on the go

I just came across this, a IIgs emulator on the iPad (a build of ActiveGS), no jailbreak necessary. Thanks, datajerk, for splainin it! Very cool.


The terrarium and IIgs have been moved upstairs now. I don’t think this is the final position for any of these, but at least they’re up in view and out of the lab downstairs now.

Short robot seeks dog with jet pack

I used ADTpro to make a bunch of diagnostic disks (this time using one of my Apple //cs over a serial cable I’d gotten for the purpose, and which also will allow the //c to connect to the ImageWriter II). I also made one other disk. I didn’t really play […]

The terrarium ][+ and its RAM of many card slots

Upon brief reflection, I realized that, indeed there was a problem with the terrarium ][+’s RAM. Here’s the picture from before. Zooming way in on the circles, you may see what the problem with the RAM is. It’s not there. Of course, this is because the terrarium ][+ originally had […]

Terrarium ][+ powers on

After quite a while of having the terrarium ][+ disassembled, waiting for new standoffs, I decided that I’d just take the pretty similar standoffs out of a different ][+ and put them in. Two of my other ][+ machines had black standoffs instead of white ones, but one other machine […]

The return of the mysterious square

The second mysterious square is back, here’s a nicer version. [Photo credit:, cropped and hosted here.] Seller guaranteed that it would not power on, but we’ll see if I can manage to coax it to life. Many gory details likely soon, starting in about two weeks.

Bell & Howell: Power test, and the outlines of a crazy plan

On the Bell & Howell front, I have now cleaned it all up, and reassembled it. In the process, I found this stamped under the keyboard, which pretty definitively indicates that I was right about this being an August, 1981, machine. (Further evidence that the “8138” really does mean “38th […]


Oddly enough, although I’ve collected quite a lot of Apples II by this point, all of the activity relating to them has really been in the disassembly, cleaning, testing, and reassembly process. Only just today, however, I have put a working Apple II in my office. Here it is, platinum […]

Bell & Howell Apple ][+

Today, the current king of my collection arrived, a Bell & Howell Apple ][+, notable both because it’s quite rare, and because it was really “my first” computer. I never owned one, although this is what I started using at school when I was in 6th grade, and they even […]

Speaking of mysterious squares

If you liked the previous mysterious square, get a load of this: Ah, never mind. Didn’t work out, I won’t be getting this after all, at least not anytime soon. It was nice to think about while it lasted. As you were. Ah, never mind again, worked out in a […]