I am a diagnostic genius

I finally decided to open up and deal with the problem I’ve been having with the Bell & Howell power supply. Let’s recap where we are so far. I tested the power supply in the machine by plugging it in directly. It works fine. I tested the backpack’s auxiliary outlets. […]

Never G090H give you up

Quite a while back, I seemed to be a bit of a //c magnet. By now, I’ve got three //cs and a //c+. It seemed to me that in order to complete the //c experience, I should get one of the little 9″ monitors designed for the //c (model G090H). […]

On to error 70

It turned out that finding a replacement for the COPS chip in the Lisa was not as difficult as I’d anticipated, although I also think I was just startlingly lucky in my timing. The person I bought the Lisa from originally actually volunteered one to me, and I bought a […]

Timex-Sinclair 1000

Although I alluded to this earlier, I haven’t gone into detail about one of my other relatively recent acquisitions, a Timex-Sinclair 1000. I got it in the original packaging, although the box is kind of beat up. Revolutionary technology made this computer possible, and the power is within my reach. […]

Workstation card and a netbooted //e

With the AppleTalk server in place, it was time to put the Workstation card in the Apple //e. In order to get the necessary pieces, I’d gotten one that was new in box, shrink-wrap mostly intact. Here are the unboxing pictures, in case it ever becomes important to know just […]

Power Mac G3 and netatalk

Small update: I installed Mac OS 9.2 on the Power Mac G3, and ran the system diagnostics on it, which all passed. I connected it to the ethernet and tried to use the internet for a while. The internet was slow back in the days of the Power Mac G3, […]

Power Mac G3 on its feet

For some reason, I was not motivated to take pictures of this, but I’ve now cleaned up the Power Macintosh G3 machine, pictured here “before,” and brought it both up to the office and back to life. It was really very dirty. I completely disassembled it (and, again, was reminded […]

Error 52 and mystery of the missing COPS chip

So, the Lisa starts up with an I/O board error, number 52. According to my list of errors, this is an “I/O COPS error” which might have as its solution a replacement of the COPS chip. There are a couple of other possible problems that could cause this I think. […]


The Apple Lisa was a big deal, you can read all about it on the internet, I won’t go into a lot of depth here. It was Apple’s first foray into GUI, before there was a Macintosh. The original (“Lisa 1”) actually says “Lisa” on the front, and had two […]

Isolating the power problem to the backpack

I did some testing of the power situation with the Bell & Howell ][+. As it stood, the machine would not power up when I turned it on using the backpack, but did respond when I connected a different power supply, so I initially thought the power supply needed replacement. […]