Apple III ProFile Sales Kit

This is the Apple III ProFile Sales Kit, for dealers, to encourage customers to buy a ProFile.

I have scanned the contents of the binder here:

Apple III ProFile Sales Kit (PDF)

It came with a bunch of Backup III disks (the program and then a 6-disk set, designed to be restored onto your ProFile). It restores a bunch of programs and a rolling demo. Here are a couple of screen shots of the rolling demo. I was successful in restoring it within the emulator and making it go.

Here are the disk images themselves: Apple III ProFile Sales Kit disks.

I did not include an image of the Apple III Business Graphics disk, and the expected VisiCalc III and Quark Catalyst disks were not there. These would all have been protected anyway. If you want the PDF scans of these disks, then: Apple III ProFile Sales Kit disk scans (PDF).

I haven’t done much real exploration with this yet, but I’m posting it here so that it’s posted, maybe you’ll be able to do the exploring before I do!



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